Which top cryptocurrencies will never see their all-time-high (ATH) again?

Cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and it is immensely difficult to predict anything absolutely correct regarding the future of digital coins. When in 2011, bitcoin’s value reached $ 1, no one knew it will rise to $ 61, 000 in 10 years.

Even when the price surged to $ 20,000 in 2017, many believed that it was going to be its All-Time High (ATH) but it exceeded their expectations.

However, according to the crypto experts, there are coins which give enough signs and reasons to believe that their values are never going to peak. In this article, we compile a list of digital coins whose values, we think will never be able to reach their ATHs (All-Time High) again with explanations.

We start with looking at some popular cryptocurrencies, their all time high values and the values they are being traded at, at this particular moment. (Please keep in mind that the values are from the time this article was being written and may vary slightly when you read it). For the entire list, you can visit this website. 

Which top cryptocurrencies will never see their all-time high again?
All the values are in US Dollars (USD)

Popular coins which may never touch their ATHs

Tether (USDT)

Tether is very unlikely to reach its all time high even though the gap is just $ 0.32 as of now. It is because of the large volume and huge the circulating supply it possesses. Its volume and market cap are even bigger than bitcoin’s which makes the coin too liquid. As a result, it is just too hard to move the price up whether intentional or not.

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As you can see from the graph, the current value of XRP has dropped 85.88 % from its all time high which it had achieved 3 years back. It is not much in demand now yet it keeps dumping token is the market. XRP tokens circulating in the market currently is twice as much as they were in 2017 without much speculative interest.

Ripple, a blockchain firm which partly owns XRP was sued under a lawsuit and since then the digital currency has not recovered and it will take a really long time to push its price up 2000% higher than it is today. Actually, it may never happen again.


Much like XRP, the value of BCH (a fork of bitcoin) has also dropped down over 85% from its all time high which it had achieved more than 3 years ago. When it was launched in late 2016, it received a lot of support from the crypto community. Approximately 1500 blocks were created inside a month which resulted in the price to jump up to $ 3785 in December 2017.

The prices began to drop in 2018 as it was affected like every other digital currency by the crash. Also, the split between Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV (BSV) made it harder to raise its price up again and with very small, insular community of BCH nowadays, it is almost impossible for the coin to touch its all time high.


Zcash (ZEC) is another fork of Bitcoin and with this fork, even though it follows the same decentralized blockchain network, it allows anonymity and privacy between transaction and parties involved which obviously is a positive sign for this coin in present and future. However, the price has fallen so low that it is going to be extremely difficult to reach its ATH. Experts have predicted it to range around only $ 1000 in the next 5 years even if it sees an exponential growth because of the factor mentioned above.


Experts have contradicting views on the future of Filecoin (FIL). Some say there is too much hype and FOMO around FIL coin while some the Bearish trend and advice investors to back off from investing in this coin. However, most of the predictions ensure Filecoin’s price to go as further as $ 150 only in the next five years which means touching its ATH will be an uphill task for this coin.

Less popular coins which may never touch their ATHs

NEM : It is considered a dead coin and it is currently 50 times away from its ATH.

ICX (Icon) : It is almost 25 times away from its ATH and shows no promise at all of improvement.

OMG : It is also considered a dead coin and it is currently 50 times away from its ATH.

Siacoin : It is 50 times away from its ATH and has more than 10 competitors already.

QTUM : Its price has dropped down 93% from its ATH and with no real promise in the last 3 years, it can also be considered one of the deadcoins.

NANO : NANO has a very small team and faces an immense competition in the market. It had achieved its ATH in 2018 and is currently trading at 85% lower value.

Some other factors you should keep an eye on

  • The whole cryptospace relies on the future of Bitcoin (BTC). If Bitcoin doesn’t continue to succeed and no new money enters the space, these ATHs for other cryptocurrencies are a long way off.
  • The future of a coin also depends upon the progress of its developers.
  • Lots of coins had reached their ATHs in the crazy 2017 bubble where every other coin was supposed to reap great rewards. It will be almost impossible to create that atmosphere again since the market has matured and got educated since then. For a vast majority of coins, it is a pump & dump market these days as most are still in early days and speculation stages.

Summing this up, these are a few coins who, in the opinions of experts will never be able to touch their All Time Highs again. If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, be careful while investing in these coins and if you have invested in any of these coins already, just hope the experts are proven wrong. Also, DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before taking any firm decision.

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