Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey puts a flag after ETH logo, people see the funny side of it

The internet was surprised and bemused when Twitter CEO put a flag after the ETH logo. People had all the reasons to believe he was trolling Ethereum as he has done in the past being an open Bitcoin maximalist.

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However, it was not the case this time around as Twitter CEO was not talking about Ethereum at all but instead encouraging Ethiopian athletes in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. The flag he put was an Ethiopian flag and the hashtag was to cheer for Ethiopia and it had no connection with Ethereum.

The confusion was cleared only after the official Twitter account of the Olympics replied and acknowledged Dorsey’s support towards Ethiopian athletes.

People kept seeing the funnier side of it before and even after the response which cleared the air as some of the reactions were priceless and you can’t afford to miss them. A Twitter user with the screen name ” Bitcoin Meme Hub ” made an edit of Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin showing he was upset with that tweet Dorsey put.

Another popular Twitter influencer with over 403,000 followers wrote ” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA #ETH this is so perfect ” quoting a different tweet from another crypto agency trying to add to the fun and internet’s confusion. 

The serious speculations

Apart from the jokes and trolls, there were plenty of serious speculations around Dorsey’s tweet as well. Some also believed that Ethiopia was going to adopt Ethereum as its legal tender just like El Salvador did with Bitcoin and showed their pleasure over this imagined indication.

A lot of the users said that cryptocurrency will be able to make a real difference once it is accepted in African countries starting with Ethiopia first.

The story behind the flags

As the Tokyo Olympics starts today after being delayed by one year due to COVID-19, Twitter has launched Hashflags once again so that Twitter users from different countries can cheer for their countries using those Hashflags.

They were first launched during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and had turned out to be a big hit. Since then, Hashflags have become a very common thing during every sporting competition.

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