This girl ended the relationship as her boyfriend cheated on her, but got a new house out of it thanks to Bitcoin

When Emily (changed name for the story) ended her long time relationship with her boyfriend Ted (again a changed name), all she had was pain, heartbreak, and trust issues as she caught her cheating with another girl. When her life was all over the place, little did she know that she would one day have a brand new house out of this traumatic experience. 

Emily, aged 20+, is a healthcare worker who started dating her boyfriend Ted in 2016 as they both met through a dating app named Hinge. She knew him from before too but they matched each other on the app. Ted, along with studying, was a cryptocurrency enthusiast and he used to teach Emily about cryptocurrency as she didn’t know a lot about it. 

Within the first year of dating, he gifted her half a Bitcoin and told “ You should really get this. It’s going to be big.” Emily heard but didn’t take it too seriously as she didn’t believe Bitcoin was a thing although Ted made her create an account and set up everything about storing the Bitcoin he gave her. 

In Emily’s words, she didn’t think that the cost of the thing she received back then would’ve been more than $100 as her then-boyfriend wasn’t making too much money. After accepting the gift, they never talked about it and she thought it will just sit there without impacting her life too much. 

After a year, Ted moved across the country and they started a long-distance relationship. Things were going pretty smooth until in late 2018 when Emily decided to pay him a visit. She said he was acting weird upon her arrival. One day they both woke up early to watch a football match. As Ted went to take a shower after the game was finished, Emily decided to check his phone. 

” I’m not the snooping type, and I’ve never been one to go through phones, but I had an urge. Something pulled me toward it. “

As she started checking the messages, she saw the name of a girl she had heard about before from her boyfriend only. Their texts were on Do Not Disturb which made Emily curious. 

” That’s interesting, I thought. So I clicked on it and saw he had texted her asking to do something that week. At the end of her response, she wrote, ‘I just feel really bad for your girlfriend.’ My heart sank. “

Emily threw the phone at Ted and ended everything. It took her a year to get over it. Then the year 2021 came and she saw on news that the price of Bitcoin was over $30,000 (currently it is over $45,000 at the time of publication). ” Okay, good for Ted ” was what she thought until it hit her that she had half a Bitcoin stored somewhere as well. 

But now lied another problem for Emily. When her ex boyfriend had explained all the procedures, she paid only half the attention and didn’t know how to spend the money worth $15,000 that was stored there in the form of BTC. The thing that came to her rescue was her good memory. 

She had to find out the app on which the cryptocurrency was stored. Henceforth, she started googling various crypto apps and when she saw Coinbase, she stopped as she remembered this was the name Ted had used while setting up. However, she still didn’t know the password to log in. She used a three-step identifier and a photo of her license to recover the password in a couple of hours and there you go. She suddenly had $15,000 up for grabs. 

New house Bitcoin relationship cheating girl

She had too much to process all of a sudden. Should she accept this gift now that they are not in a relationship? What should she do with it even if she decides to accept it? At that time, she was freaked out and just had one thought in her mind – ” Oh my god. “

That’s when her mother came to her rescue. She advised her to accept it as it was like damage for all the trauma her ex-boyfriend cheating on her had caused her. That helped Emily make up her mind but she still didn’t know what to do with it. 

The first word everyone told her upon hearing the news was ” Don’t touch it ” as touching it meant she could’ve accidentally sold it. Bitcoin is an asset so volatile that there was a chance of $15,000 becoming both $25,000 and $5,000 in quick time and that is where she had to make a decision. 

She contacted her financial planner who told her to hold on to this if there is no immediate need and sell it only if she wanted something urgently. It took her a week to week to decide and in those 7 days, the value of her half a BTC had jumped to $20,000 from $15,000 initially. That added to more confusion. 

” My mom told me to think about it like found money and asked how I would feel if I lost it all. I never knew I had it, but now that I did, how would I feel if it was gone? That convinced me. I wanted to pull it. By then, it had gone up to about $20,000, and I took out $18,000 (eventually after the price fell a little). “

After pulling out, she decided to use the money in buying the house that she was planning for. Not that she didn’t have money before but the additional money now expanded her budget and now she was able to paint the whole place, buy new furniture, and get her closet fixed.

” It’s just so weird that it worked out that way. When I tell people what happened, everyone always says, ‘You have to be kidding me’ or ‘Good for you.’ It really is the best ending to any bad breakup. “

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Interestingly, her ex-boyfriend Ted didn’t know it yet and Emily was keen to know his reaction. As far as Emily remembers, Ted had gifted half a Bitcoin to one of his other ex-girlfriends and only she knows what she did with that now. At least Emily got a brand new house. 

This story was told to Madison Feller.

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