Gemini exchange’s talent director says this is the best skill to have in your resume if you are looking for a job in cryptocurrency

In case you are aiming to work in the cryptocurrency community, there is this one skill that will make you stand apart from the rest if we go by the words of Gemini exchange’s talent director. After scrutinizing a lot of resumes and cover letters to find the best person for the job, Jonathan Tamblyn has reached this conclusion.

According to Jonathan, the talent director at popular cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, out of several skills, there is one skill that always catches his eyes and that is building. If people can prove through their resume that they have this ability or experience of creating new products or initiatives, it is ideal for the job in his view.

“We’re looking for builders,” Tamblyn said.

He further said that it is even more important to have the spark in a marketplace like such as it is highly exciting and rapidly expanding.

The cryptocurrency job market has widely expanded alongside the investments in it. Investments bring money, money brings interest and interest brings jobs and as the companies like Amazon or Apple, or AMC theatres have started to accept and explore cryptocurrencies, they need more eligible people who can work in this department.

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Jonathan Tamblyn, as a job scrutinizer, recommends applicants come up with design thinking every time they are pushed up against a wall. And by design thinking, he means if a candidate is able to follow at least three of four steps that include A) identifying the problem, B) understanding it, C) proposing a solution, and D) finally solving the problem. This is applicable for both technical and non-technical job profiles.

The New Yorker thinks even if the applicant fails to solve the problem which is the fourth step and follows the first three efficiently, the companies would prefer them for the job.

“What resonates more is the process of building the solution, rather than the final product.”

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