Meet Gajesh Naik , a 13-years-old Indian crypto prodigy

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been unfavorable and unforgiving to everyone, it has also presented many with an opportunity to learn new skills. One such person who has grabbed the opportunity the pandemic has provided with both his hands is Gajesh Naik, who is just 13-years-old but already a crypto prodigy in India. 

Countries across the globe have different stances on cryptocurrency. While countries like El Salvador have openly adopted Bitcoin as a legal form of currency, many are still skeptical even though every country acknowledges the importance of Blockchain technology. 

Among the countries that are skeptical, India is possibly the biggest (since China has completely banned crypto) when it comes to creating impact. One word to describe India’s stance on crypto is ” Reluctance “.

The government has neither been here nor there and it is still assessing the potential impact of crypto in such a huge nation before taking any firm decision. 

The government’s uncertainty hasn’t stopped the citizens from learning, investing, and trading in crypto. In this article, we talk about Gajesh Naik, a 13-years-old boy, who studies in class 8 at People’s High School, Panaji, a city in the state of Goa.

When his school was closed due to the pandemic, he decided to use his free time in learning about blockchain technology.

“Since the last one year when physical classes were discontinued due to the pandemic, I decided to take and completed some online certificate courses. Including from University at Buffalo, State University of New York, ” Gajesh said in an interview to The Daily

The kid started learning coding at the age of 8 and now he has developed a couple of apps based on the Polygon network after learning about blockchain technology. He became interested in Blockchain back in 2018 only when he attended an online seminar. 

The two apps he has developed are named PolyGaj and StableGaj. While PolyGaj is a DeFi and NFT platform based on Polygon(MATIC) network, StableGaj is a decentralized stablecoin exchange recently used by American billionaire Mark Cuban as well.

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Gajesh now wants to create awareness regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency among the common Indian public. For that purpose, he has started a YouTube channel that has 12.9k subscribers at the time of publishing this article. 

Apart from owning a YouTube channel, he is also present on Twitter with around 23,500 followers. Gajesh talks about various cryptocurrencies and the possibilities of good returns in them from both his YouTube channel and Twitter account. 

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