Ethereum & Dogecoin collaboration? Vitalik Buterin welcomes the idea, Elon Musk agrees

Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin has talked about a potential Ethereum & Dogecoin collaboration in the future in an interview. Speaking to Lex Fridman previous  week, he said that it would be amazing to have a secure Doge to Ethereum bridge.

Influential business magnate and Tesla car CEO Elon Musk has agreed to the statement. He commented on the interview saying he pretty much agrees with what Vitalik Buterin has said.

During the interview Lex Fridman, the host asked Vitalik about how he looks at using the power and influence of Elon Musk who tweets a lot about Dogecoin (and influences the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem) to improve the Ethereum network, to which Buterin said that it would be amazing to have that DOGE to Ethereum bridge.

Lex Fridman : “Is there a way to leverage that power (that Elon Musk holds) and momentum to improve Ethereum? Is there a way to ride the wave that DOGE has taken over? ”

Vitalik Buterin : ” If DOGE wants to somehow bridge to Ethereum, and then people can trade DOGE thousands of times a second inside of loopring, then that would be amazing. “

The co-founder also emphasized on his notion that he doesn’t see Dogecoin as something opposite to Ethereum and he wants Ethereum fans to feel like like Ethereum is, at least a little bit, in spirit itself a Dogecoin.

About the part where he said that Doge to Ethereum bridge would be amazing, he further explained his point by saying that when Ethereum gets any scalability that works for Ethereum assets, people would be able to trade wrapped DOGE with extremely low transaction fees and very high speed.

” The one challenge though is that if you want to have a bridge that allows you to move assets between chains, then you don’t just need one way verification. You need two way verification. Ethereum can verify everything but if DOGE wants to make a fork that allows two way transferability with Ethereum, they could. I think that could be a lovely collaboration. “, Buterin said when asked about the difficulty level of making bridges between two blockchain networks. 

Talking about decoding the thought process of Elon Musk behind buying and holding Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Buterin said that it would be a mistake judging him from a very sophisticated malevolence. He is just a fun loving human being who loves dogs just like Vitalik himself loves them.

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When the host asked Vitalik whether or not he thinks Elon will consider owning Ethereum one day, he said that if he (Elon Musk) plans to stay in the cryptocurrency ecosystem at all then at some point, he will have to buy ETH. It deserves to be there in his portfolio.

Buterin also revealed that he had invested $ 25,000 in Dogecoin back in 2016 after which along with the coin itself was a pretty difficult thing to explain to his mother. Eventually, it turned out to be one of his best investments.

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