Dogecoin fans request Walmart to adopt it with puppy eyes

It was recently reported that the e-commerce site Amazon was looking for a cryptocurrency expert as it wanted to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment on its platform. American retail corporation Walmart is looking for an expert to handle digital assets as well which is why Dogecoin fans have started to request it to adopt the asset with puppy eyes.

Six months ago, Dogecoin fans launched a petition on Twitter that had the title ” Walmart to accept Dogecoin as an online form of payment ” and has collected around 1700 signatures at the time of publishing this article. A couple of days ago, Walmart posted an opening for the job which gave DOGE fans an opportunity to present the petition.

Walmart’s job opening on Monday said it was looking for a person who could lead the way with digital assets and can develop a roadmap with respect to them which clearly meant they have the plan of adopting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

That presented Dogecoin fans an opportunity to request Walmart to adopt Bitcoin as well since it clearly has digital assets in mind for the future. They argued through the petition that Dogecoin is a fee-free or minimal fee and easily convertible into cash asset and Walmart would have a great opportunity to become the first mainstream retail corporation to adopt it.

Apart from Amazon and Walmart, iPhone maker company Apple and AMC theatres are also looking for people who can help them in the crypto department. AMC theatre is expected to accept Bitcoin as the mode of payment by the year-end.

Dogecoin rallied throughout the day and reached its monthly high of $0.33. However, the prices have dipped again at the time of publication and it is currently being traded at $0.29.

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