Dogecoin fans launched Baby Dogecoin, value grew by 22,000 % in 18 days

Dogecoin fans have recently launched Baby Dogecoin in an attempt to make it more adorable and also to improve the transaction speed on the network. It was launched on May 14th. According to PooCoin, which is a small cap crypto market data service company, the value of baby Dogecoin has grown around 22,000% from May 31st to now, i.e, in these 18 days.

Baby Dogecoin, called as BABYDOGE among users was valued $0.0000000000018 on May 31st while the all time high value of BABYDOGE is $0.0000000003950 which is a total increase of approximately 22,000% and 1222% on an average daily basis since the time this coin was launched.

At the time of publishing this article though, the value has gone down to $0.0000000002940 with a 24 hours maximum value of $0.0000000003190 in the same period.

The official twitter account of Baby Dogecoin which describes itself as the son of DOGE has gained 43,5000 followers in this very short period along with having nearly 39,000 users in its Telegram channel. It has also passed BINANCE cybersecurity audit. It already has a community of 60,000 loyal and enthusiastic holders.

How to buy Baby Dogecoin?

Baby Dogecoin can currently be bought through a crypto trader. All you need to do is to sign up on platforms like SAFEMOON or Crypto Rocket , then search for BABYDOGE, enter the amount of the coin you want to buy and then complete your transaction by completing the payment and that’s all.

How exciting is BABYDOGE?

Just like its father Dogecoin, it is also a meme based coin and if you are willing to take a risk, then this coin in its initial stages seems a very lucrative option. The growth of Dogecoin has been an eye opener for many who didn’t take the coin seriously and you wouldn’t want to miss all the benefits with Baby Dogecoin as well in case you missed the bus with its Daddy.

At a time when there are talks about a possible Dogecoin РEthereum collaboration,  fans making Baby Dogecoin has taken the fun and entertainment to another level.

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