After Baby Dogecoin, we now have a Daddy Doge as a new member in the family

Dogecoin, a meme based coin which we all are familiar with. Initially being started as a joke in 2013, the currency’s value reached its All time high of $0.68 in May this year. It turned out to be a massive source of profit for a lot of investors including the likes of Vitalik Buterin who runs his own Ethereum network.

As the popularity of Dogecoin rose, its enthusiasts launched another coin named as Baby Dogecoin in May 2021, same month in which both the price and popularity of Dogecoin reached their ATHs.

The value of BABYDOGE jumped as much as 22000% in only 18 days from the day it was launched. Not only the coin managed to sustain its growth as the time progressed but it kept growing further.

Now the fanatics have introduced a new member to the Dogecoin family. Even though it is the latest member of the family, it is known as Daddy Doge which ironically is the oldest member of the family as per the family tree.

The Daddy Doge claims itself to be the head of Doge family and next 1000x BSC gem. There are certain unique features about the token as well.

The total transaction fee is 9%, out of which 3% is given to Hodlers for Hodling the token which means the longer one holds, the more tokens he/she can earn.

Other 3% goes to the liquidity pool to increase the stability of the token and the remaining 3% goes to the marketing wallets, or in other words, advertisements.

How to buy Daddy Doge?

Since the token is in its early stage, the process to buy it is a little bit complex. You need to download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications to begin with the process of purchasing Daddy Doge. To know the remainder of the process, click here.

The online presence

Daddy Doge has divided its online presence into phases and it is already in phase 2 with over 7000 members on Telegram and more than 3700 followers on Twitter ( at the time of publishing the article) just hours after the launch.

The transition from phase 1 to phase 2 has been rapid and it hopes to reach phase four which targets ” to the moon ” soon.

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