35 experts predict Ethereum price to strike almost $ 20k by 2025

The experts on Finder’s cryptocurrency panel, 35 to be precise have come together to analyze and predict the price of Ethereum in the upcoming years. They believe that the price of Ether will hit close to $ 20,000 mark by 2025. The average prediction of the 35 experts on the panel came out to be $ 19,842.

As per the Finder Cryptocurrency Predictions 2021 report, 59% of the experts believe that now is the best time to buy Ethereum, 28% think it is the right time to hodl this asset while the rest, 13% say this is the time to sell off Ethereum since they expect a bearish trend for Ethereum in the upcoming years.

Sarah Bergstrand, COO of Bitbull Capital was one of the experts on the panel. She expects the price of Ether to go as high as $100,000 by 2025. She was the one with highest prediction for Ethereum price while the lowest was $ 1850 which came from Elvira Sojli, who happens to be an associate professor in the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

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ETH stands around $ 4500 in 2021

Not only the panel submitted its report on the prediction for 2025 but it also came up with the price prediction for Ethereum by the end of 2021. On an average, the panel predicted Ether’s price to be $ 4512 in December 2021, while the highest prediction was $ 10,000 which was predicted by two experts.

“Once BTC is mass adopted, ETH will be next on people’s list,” Samantha Yapp who predicted the price to hit $ 10,000 by the end of 2021.

LMAX Group’s cryptocurrency strategist, Joel Kruger came up with the lowest prediction for the Ether price by the end of 2021 which was only $ 2000. 

Last year, Panel had predicted Ethereum’s price to be around $ 1351 at the end of 2020 while the actual value of Ethereum in December 2020 was only $ 746. The forecast for this year, which is $ 4512 has increased by more than 230% while the actual price of Ethereum, which is $4300 has increased from December 2020 to May 2021 by more than 475%.

The panel of 35 experts included CEOs and economists of various institutes. Origin Protocol co-founder Josh Fraser, Bilal Hammoud, NDAX  CEO, Iwa Salami who is a lecturer in University of East London and Bitriver CEO Igor Runets were some of the most prominent names among them.

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